9.00x16 equivalents

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Re: 9.00x16 equivalents

Postby Boehler » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:00 pm

22900013A wrote:
Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:22 pm
Which vehicle is that? I don't think I have seen it before.
This is a standard 4cyl petrol ffr Ex MOD chassis , which got a civil crossmember from a former owner at sometime in its live, he probably didn´t know it better. So, sorry no One Ton :(
The 285/85 where supposed to fit on this :
But the Silverstones did rub on the rear spring ( probably beacause of the 543383 rims?), so until the wheel spacers arrive the FC drives on a set of 7,50 ( the speedometer reading is a bit off :roll: ) and the MT117 where used to roll the chassis arround because theres nothing they can hit at the moment :lol:
The MT117 where shoehorned on 543384 rims. I think they are supposed to fit on a minimum 7 inch wide rim, the guy mounting them wasn´t very happy and was cursing the whole time handling them.

Btw, the Mt117 mounted on the 109 chassis stick out of the tray, not much but they do, just saying.

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Re: 9.00x16 equivalents

Postby M Wainhouse » Fri May 11, 2018 12:17 am

HI! there is a new tyre coming to the market which would suit 101's as the size is a true 255R16 ie the diameter of the tyre is 37inch (my Michelin XL's measure 36inch and my Goodyear Bar Grips 33and a bit inch! but both are labelled as 9R16!) They are a remanufactured tyre (good for the environment) from a long standing Italian company 'Zierelli' and are under the brand name 'Extreme Forest'. As the name suggests they are mainly aimed at the 'off road' market and the company states 90% off road/ 10% on road driving! They are a Simex copy and should give the same sort of extreme off road traction, they have the M&S marking on the tyre walls (ie they are mud and snow rated and are all seasons approved. Google the name and you will get to the companies web site - they have a lot of 'our sort' of tyre sizes on offer as well as other less extreme offerings (but none in the above size!!!) However good they look (filling the 101 wheel arches) if you only drive on the road then these tyres may not be the ones for you.
By the way changing tyres sizes will change your fuel economy and speedo reading. The fuel you burn turns the engine which turns the wheels. If the wheels have a larger diameter then they will have a greater circumference and they will travel further for each turn of the wheel giving greater fuel economy (and effecting the speedo reading). The rule of not getting something for nothing applies and the engine needs enough torque to turn the wheels in the first place, this should not be a problem in a V8 powered 101!
A generic 9R16 spec should give a 34inch diameter and a 107 inch circumference (calculated)
but the Bar Grips actually have a 33 one quarter inch diameter with a 105 inch circumference (measured)
while the XL's are 36 inch diameter with a 112 inch circumference (measured)
the Zierelli's are said to be 37 inch diameter which would give a 116 inch circumference (calculated)
incidentally a generic 255x85R16 tyre would have a 33inch diameter with a 104 inch circumference (calculated)
This means the Zierelli's will travel another foot for every revolution of the wheel over 255x85's, and they will also have an extra 2 inches of ground clearance.
Although available on the continent not yet heard of any over on this side of the channel yet, and not all stockist seem to want to stock all the sizes.

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