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John Francis
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Postby John Francis » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:18 pm

I'm coming up to 87. My first new l/r was from Searles Sunbury-On Thames. I bought it from Mr S. It was a blue white Hardtop CMP 77 A.
The extra's were a second W/Wiper and a heater. My second bought from them via Mr Harrop was LPB 28D and quite different A Station Waggon in white The usual Safari roof freewheeling hubs, electric select-a-ride shocks , roof rack, door mounted spot light, w/screen washers by plunger, portable radio and my usual tow gear. Since then I have had five and my last serious one is D939ERU V8 with better cam profile. My grandson has put on s.s exhaust and, of course, although it has been with us for many years I did buy it second hand and have it's full history. I now have a luxury toy 2015 disco Lux as I have difficulty managing a manual box. With all my L/R's I never worried about damage, with the present one I examine it with care. I found Mr S and Mr Harrop delightful gents and while there was shown a supercharger that Mr H could install in Citroens. While there by the Thames, I also saw the launching of a car/boat.

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The 1-Ton Wonder
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Postby 22900013A » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:43 am

1966 IIA Swb 24125067C ex-SEB managers vehicle HMO968D
1969 IIA 1-Ton 22900013A ex-SEB NBK148G
1972 III 1-Ton 26600078A ex-SEB Cherrypicker VJT440L
1973 III 1-Ton 26600082B ex-SEB MRX287L

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